the Lori Snider Company
Training- Inspire the desire

Team Building


Building a strong, synergistic team is like herding cats.  Instead of throwing your arms up and yelling, “It’s no use…let them run!” Take a deep breath and call Lori.  She'll help them draw on their strengths, learn how to be more effective and define executable strategies.  Then she'll hold them accountable to deliver. In the end, you'll get the results you're looking for, and they will enjoy a sense of accomplishment and pride in their effort.

New Leasing Professional


So eager, so fresh faced and so absolutely out of their element.  Lori is widely regarded as one of the best sales trainers in multifamily real estate - she will take your novice professionals, teach them sales with integrity, share cutting edge strategy and get them up to speed fast, using a practical common sense approach that resonates with today's consumer. Whether working with one professional, or an entire portfolio team, Lori teaches an innovative approach that holds the leasing professional accountable for their performance - and their success.

curriculum development


The Lori Snider Company understands the Sheep-dip approach (everyone goes to training, gets the same information and returns to work) to training may not be the best, and that companies need different approaches dependent on culture, size, growth, locational challenges, etc. Lori has developed an innovative leasing on-board program, and specializes in developing curriculum that will work for your portfolio, as well as, serving as a company's contract training professional when warranted.


The interactive self-paced guide designed to get leasing professionals up to speed and leasing apartments quickly using charisma, competence and candor.  Utilzing the guide, and accompanying leasders guide, will  provide leasing professionals everything they need to know to effectively lease apartments as likeable experts.  Can be customized specific to company initiatives.