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The Magnificent Manager
Becoming a Leader People Want To Follow Through Trust, Communication and Self-Awareness

According to Gallup, 80% of turnover is because of the manager, not the organization.  Think about the impact a manager has on their team and corresponding productivity.
If the manager has trouble trusting, there is no loyalty. Without loyalty, it will be difficult to grow. Without trust, there is no innovation. People just wait around to be told what to do.
If the manger has trouble with effective communication, the team will suffer.

The manager's attitude dictates the amount of fun work can be, and a bad attitude will break a team.

The ladder of trust is built slowly, one rung at a time, but when violated, progress falls all the way to the bottom. When trust is broken, it can be a monumental challenge to fix.

In this session, you will learn how to build trust within your team, your residents and even your suppliers, as well as how to demonstrate trust to them. We’ll discuss your management role, and how to be a more transparent leader and effective communicator, as well as how to become a “dialogue builder.”  You will discover how to maximize the individual, clearly define purpose and build an unstoppable community of people. you’ll also learn ways to become “selfish” in order to become “selfless," and how to embrace different perspectives and build team engagement.

Help!  I Need a Reputation Repositioning! 

Got a bad rep? Need a better one? 

Negative online reviews are a silent killer. If you want to improve your online reputation, this session is for you.  You’ll discover 5 factors that impact reputation and how to enhance resident perception and relationships. You’ll also discover that what you say…and how you say it…can determine the difference between a positive dialogue and a ranting review.

This session is not your typical “reputation management” program; rather, we will focus on how simple changes made by you and your team can result in a happier and satisfied resident, and as a result, your reputation, and occupancy, will improve.

Training Your Inner Sales Dragon

In this session we’ll focus on common roadblocks every sales talent experiences and how to move through them to success. You will learn to identify areas holding you back, better understand the power of charisma, competence and confidence in sales and discover how to move forward to success. If you have been leasing apartments for more than 6 months, this session will help you get to the next level, lease more apartments and help you better understand and utilize your expertise.

Unmistakable YOU – Discover Your Highest Value and Become an Indispensable Standout!

In this session, you will learn to better understand what makes you valuable to others and how to use more of your strengths to become indispensible and surround yourself with others whose strengths combined will create the unstoppable team.

You’ll learn:

Your strengths in regard to communication skills.

To discover the personality traits you need on your team to deliver optimal  success.

How to simplistically articulate your strengths to others.

How to effectively communicate with individuals offering different strength sets.

Leasing Rally - The Old Ways Are Dead...Long Live The New!

Nothing’s black and white anymore, and it’s time to open the door to new and colorful ways to lease apartments!  Discover the power of preparation, how to build trust, easy and useful techniques and how to become a competent and confident salesperson. It’s a new and exciting world –full of opportunity and leases!

The Magnificent Marketer - Create, Communicate, Relate & Deliver!

Social, video, ILS, contests, outreach.  What makes a great marketing effort?  That depends - on your residents, your value proposition and your capabilities.

In this fast-paced and fun session, we'll explore current trends that will help you to better understand your target, create a marketing strategy that works, learn how to communicate and better relate to your customer and deliver to the expectation once they get to your community.

If you’ve ever cried, “I’m afraid…I don’t wanna!” when faced with a marketing challenge, this session is for you!  Lori will arm you with loads of easy and common sense techniques to market apartments, from grass-roots to social, merchandising to curb appeal, all keeping in mind you aren’t a marketing wizard, you don’t have a personal assistant to do your bidding, and the budget...well... is the budget.. 

We’ll talk trends, consumer behavior, how to merchandise effectively, how to develop an online and offline action plan and why marketing the resale should be your most important focus.

Retention Rally 15 – Focus on Follow Through

Improved occupancy means improved opportunity for rent growth. “Great,” you say, “my residents are going to be thrilled when we inform them of their increase - NOT!”  Not to mention, if the thrill is gone and the honeymoon is over, your residents may well have a wandering eye…that is enticing them toward  one of the many newer developments in your market.  And how do you compete with new?

Increased competition means your competitors will be courting your residents and attempting to woo them away with everything they've got. Is it possible to retain residents and raises rents in this type of market?  You bet it is.

In this session, you’ll earn how to successfully obtain rent increases and create a win-win situation by utilizing a combination of communication and negotiation technique combined with tools and a commitment to the resident resale. We’ll demonstrate the power of follow through in your retention efforts and show how making an experience effortless is key to loyalty. Lots of practice + loads of tools = ready for success!




popular Sessions

Secret Weapon Service!  20 Ideas for Maintenance

The residents at your community may not know the office team, but chances are, they do know, (and have preferences regarding,) the entire maintenance crew. After all, you see them more – it’s you that physically provides service and fixes the problems in their apartments. You definitely have an impact on whether they stay or go. In this session, you’ll learn 20 easy service ideas that will help you and your team deliver exceptional service and enhance perceived value. Learn how to integrate your maintenance department into the community retention programs enhance resident relationships

Service That's Smart...Straight From The Heart

Service is the heart of our business, and if you have ever looked at a resident and wanted to snarl, “Put-em up” you might be getting a bit rusty in your service delivery.  The session will be filled with ways your entire team can deliver heartfelt service, help you to see an alternative perspective and remind you that at every business core, is heart. The things we value most are not things...they are experiences.  It's time to inject some "awesomesauce" into our service efforts.

Up Your Sales Game - Transforming from totally novice to totally exceptional

It’s time to be a game changer as it pertains to your leasing performance. If you have the will, this
session will show you the way to transforming yourself into a leasing superstar by developing your
emotional intelligence and applying new technique to your sales presentations.

You’ll learn:
To become self-aware rather than self-conscious
How to build trust – the crucial ingredient in every sale
Non-verbal communication…what you say and what you convey
Strategies to help you “think on your feet”
Facts, Feelings, Intentions…how to use everything you’ve got!
Ways to protect yourself from fear of failure…and rejection
How to keep negativity at bay and a positive outlook the center of your focus

Building People

Finding, Coaching and Keeping the Unstoppable Team

Teams are the force that drives most organizations. People get the most done when they work together effectively, so when members of a team don't work well together, performance and productivity can suffer. That's not good for anyone.

Effective working relationships are built by understanding team members' needs, preferences, and styles of work. By helping people understand their own styles and appreciate the different styles of others, you can work with them to change their behaviors and use everyone's strengths.

So how can you help your team improve? Smart hiring decisions, clear expectations, effective communication strategies and learning to let go and empower your team will assist in creating an environment of unstoppable possibility.

In this session you'll learn to coach your team by focusing on interpersonal skills and interactions instead of individual development. You'll learn to understand your role and how your behavior affects outcome and your will learnon how to establish clear expectations, reinforce good performance and improve unsatisfactory performance.  In addition, you will discover 15 questions and techniques that will help you find the right mix of experience, talent and attitude to fit your culture and the role.

Trends Today - What's the buzz, What's happening and What to make of it

In this popular keynote, Lori explores and lends insight to trends impacting the areas of marketing, consumer behavior, generations, technology and business.  You'll come away from this session with a whole lot more than a head full of interesting facts; (although the facts are in fact, extremely interesting) you'll learn and practice taking a trend, giving is a spin and applying it to your own business to gain a competitive advantage. 

Resident Retention Rally - Raise the Rents and Retain the Residents!

Improved occupancy means improved opportunity for rent growth. “Great,” you say, “my residents are going to be thrilled when we inform them of their increase - NOT!” 

Increased competitiion means your competitors are courting your residents and attempting to woo them away with everything they've got. Is it possible to retain residents and raises rents in this type of market?  You bet it is.

In this session, you’ll earn how to successfully obtain rent increases and create a win-win situation by utilizing a combination of communication and negotiation technique combined with tools and a commitment to the resident resale. Lots of practice + loads of tools = ready for success!

Say What?!! Delivering Constructive Feedback

Accountability.  Responsibility.  Effective Feedback.  Managers know that the key to building a successful team and bringing out the best in team members means holding people accountable, providing opportunities for responsibility and delivering effective feedback.  Then why is it so difficult to hold people accountable?  Why is delivering developmental feedback so taxing and stressful?  In this session, attendees will explore the keys to employee development and learn how to bring out the best in each of their team members.

Get Real or Get Lost – getting “relevant” with service strategy

How can we as multifamily professionals, meet the expectations of clients who want, and expect to
get, a customized living experience without breaking the bank?

In this popular and funny session, attendees will learn how to develop a retention program specific
to their community profile; customer service techniques that aid in enhancing perception and how
to apply sales strategies to aid in the resale effort. Emphasis will be on resident interaction and
problem solving. Attendees will learn how to be relevant to their residents, as well as customize the
living experience.

Lease Launch

This course covers the all important basics as it pertains to sales. We'll cover the basics of marketing, preparation, telephone, building trust, effective presentation, what "demonstrating" really means, how to offer an alternative perspective, closing and effective follow through. 


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It’s especially important in tough economic times to deliver training - yet budgets have been cut back, training positions have been eliminated, and portfolios are being spread over a wider geographic territory, making it difficult, due to remote locations, to deliver conventional training.
Rather than delivering mediocre, or worse, or no training at all, build your solution around a Lori Snider webinar series. Accessible from the convenience of your office, Lori Snider will help you achieve superior results though skill development designed to aid your team in executing smart sales, marketing and service strategies. Not to mention, they’re delivered by the nation’s leading innovator in sales, marketing and service. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

Topics include:
First time leasing - Just the basics, please (4 part series)
Leasing Tune Up
12 Questions to Sales Success
Follow Up = Follow Through
Get the Phone!
Closing and Follow Through
7 Steps to a More Thoughtful You (Service)
Raising Rents without Raising Vacancy

The Power of Preparation

Creating a Memorable Presentation

and others...

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