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Well, hello! Long time no see, faithful! Gather round, summer is almost over, and it’s time for a just-in-time shot of the MoJo.

How Hard Is It To Say Goodbye?

The other day, while furiously working on a deadline, the doorbell rang. Irritated, I answered it, and scowled at the very presentable looking man on my doorstep.

‘Hello” he said, “I am here because I am a milkman, and our farm has just started service to your area. I see you have milk delivered, (obvious from the milk box on the porch), and was wondering if you would try ours.”

Now, growing up in Wisconsin, I have a soft spot for farmers, and I liked his approach - concise and to the point. He went on to show me how the milk was organic, straight from the farm and distributed in glass bottles, which I thought was really cool.

Again, he closed. “Would you give us a shot?”

This mother of growing boys has received milk delivery for years. Sure it’s slightly more expensive, but I know myself, and every trip to the store for milk means many more items come home than milk – let’s just say it’s cost effective for this distractible, impulsive buyer. I liked the guy, so I agreed. He pulled out a quart of chocolate milk, asked, “Do you have kids?”, and when I responded yes, continued, “Then you’ll want to get a glass of this before they get to it, It’s delicious.” Thinking about me. I liked that, too.

We set up delivery and all was well - until I realized I had to cancel my other milk service. Suddenly, I started feeling bad.

True to form, I procrastinated as long as possible. When I finally called, a cheerful human voice greeted me and asked how they could help. Now I am feeling as though I have deceived a friend. When I told her I was going to cancel my milk service, Cheerful Voice said, “Oh no. And you have been a customer for such a long time. Is it something we have done?”

Holy cow, now I really felt bad.

“No,” I answered, thinking of how prompt and quiet our milkman has always been, “We’ve decided to make a change for a while. We are very happy with the service, and the product, we just…(why did I switch, anyway?) we just thought we’d try something new.”

“Alright”, she said, “Do you mind me asking who you are going with?” When I told her, she said, “Ok, then. I will send out a final statement and we hope to someday have you back. Thank you for letting us be your choice for all these years.”

Wow. I felt about an inch tall, and immediately went to Yelp to place a glowing review. I am still trying a new milk service, but they have big shoes to fill, and if they don’t, my original milk company will get me back.

Everyday, people give notice. Many of them simply want a change, or to be closer to work, or more space. It happens.

What is the last impression people have of doing business with you? What is their last experience - a move-out inspection, or a list of items that need to be cleaned, along with instructions as to where to leave their keys? A request for a forwarding address? A bill?

Recently I rented a vacation home in Taos, which was fabulous. Within a week, I received:

  • email correspondence with a request for review
  • good old snail mail asking for a review
  • a specific number and person to call if our stay lacked anything, or to share opportunities for improvement.

Do your residents receive anything like this when they go?  Why not take the opportunity to reinforce the emotional experience, request a review and ask for feedback?

Be proactive in your approach to creating a positive and lasting impression, and before too long, you may find some past residents returning home.

Now, let's talk a little safety.

Found this product at NAA, and I gotta say, I like it. Every day, leasing professionals across the country take people into parking garages, vacant apartments and other places where, quite frankly, harm could be done them. Not to mention how many professionals spend all day working alone. Not good from a safety and peace of mind standpoint. Apartment Guardian is a personal safety device that calls 911, as well as a personal alert center with the discreet touch of a button. It’s a cute little device meant to attach to your keychain. Check it out at

For about 25 clams per month, you get peace of mind. The guys at Apartment Guardian also told me about a fingerprint product that will effectively do away with the old, “I need your ID” tactic. It’s about time.

What floor are we on, anyway?

This idea is for all of you high rise-peeps that encourage residents to use the “heart healthy” stairwells....dress them up with the floor number, or fun messages like, “Almost there...” “Lookin’ good!” , etc. Think about other areas that are under-utilized from a messaging and branding perspective (parking garages, mailbox areas) and change them up. Boring is oh so banished!

Alright faithful, this was a long one. Hopefully your creative energies have been inspired!

If you need me, you can always find me at and Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and all the rest. Come friend or follow.

If you have no idea what I do, I speak on service, sales and marketing. I consult and write on the same, and have created a fabulous leasing program you will want to explore. Call me, on the line, you can call me, call me anytime.

Seriously, I am a good trainer. You won’t be disappointed.
Now, get back to work.


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