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Well hello there, faithful! Gather round, I’m back, and it is time for a shot of the MoJo!

Where have I been, you ask? Well, I was pretty busy there for a while working in-house to help a client develop their marketing and training program and had a fabulous time. Learned quite a bit, as well. Unfortunately, the first quarter MoJo just didn’t happen, and for that you have my apology, and a renewed commitment to creating lots of juicy content on time, every time.

Who Are You?

Unless you have been under a rock, you likely know that Barbara Walters recently retired. Now, I think Barbara is a pioneer that paved the way for an awful lot of women, so I was eager to see the recently aired show celebrating her career. The topic, of course, soon came around to what exactly some of her favorite interview questions were. Barbara answered,

“Do you have a philosophy by which you live your life?”

“Lori Snider is...(fill in the blank).”

It occurred to me those would be excellent questions to ask a job candidate to provide insight. The first one deals with integrity and outlook, and the second would provide a glimpse of how the candidate truly sees themselves.

But wait, I thought, would that second question actually work in a job interview, or would people just say what they thought you wanted to hear? I decided to try it out in one of my programs. Luckily for me, the session happened to contain a number of people I have known for, let’s just say, a very long time.

The first person I tried the question on was my dear friend and fellow speaker, Toni Blake.

I pounced. “In an interview,” I said to the audience, “it might go something like this...Toni Blake is....” and I stopped and looked at Toni. Without missing a beat, she replied, “funny.” I think we can all agree, that indeed, Ms Blake is, on her worst day, funny, on her best downright hilarious.

I tried again, this time with Erika Freeman-Daniels, a former colleague who these days is a Regional Property Manager over at Echelon. I felt reasonably certain she wouldn’t take offense.

“Erika,” I said, “Erika Freeman is...” she looked a little startled, but quickly replied, “passionate.”

Again, I would agree.

Last, I decided to try it out on my 13 year old. Found him in the kitchen staring into the refrigerator. “Sam, I said, “I have a challenge for you. Finish this sentence. ‘Sam is....”

Silence. But only for a second. “Awesome,” he answered, without moving from his pose.

Yep. I would agree with that one, too.

Try it in an interview. Try it on your friends. Try it on yourself. You might rediscover something you absolutely love about an individual, or what they are going to be like to work with. You might even rediscover something about yourself you haven’t been tapping into as much as you should.

I Trust You...Not

The subject of trust has been on my mind lately, as I believe it’s the leadership challenge of our times.

Where there is no trust, there is no loyalty. Without loyalty, it will be difficult to grow.
Without trust, there is no sale. People won’t buy from people they don’t trust.
Without trust, there is no innovation. People just wait around to be told what to do.

It’s a big subject for leaders, and that is why I am developing a 2014 program called Trust as a Manifesto. Establish it, grow it. deliver it, rebuild it and accomplish extraordinary things.

Good stuff. If you think your managers or leadership team would benefit, send over a smoke signal or click here. I have some excellent dates still available in 2014.

It's Bacckkk...

Also from Trend Central, good old-fashioned board games are enjoying a renaissance as more people detach themselves from screens in favor of the in-person interactivity afforded by analog recreation. The result? Board Game Cafes are on the rise. You will also probably see more chess and checker sets appearing at your neighborhood coffee shop. The point is, encourage face-to-face interaction. Throw a chess set in that clubhouse area nobody uses. Have a throw-back board game night and play games like Battleship and The Game of Life. If you have an open space outside that needs a little life, a giant Chess Set could be all the rage!


Never, ever thought this one would be back in vogue, but it appears macrame is a hot new craft item. That’s “throwback” for sure. As a child, I remember a neighbor that made a whole lot of macrame orange and olive plant hangers and every house on the block had at least one. One part Brady Bunch, one part Hippie, and one part Etsy, Trend Central reports a surge in Macrame classes, wall hangings and planters. When I google “macrame” I get over 2,000,000 choices, and (who knew?) you can buy your very own macrame plant hanger on Amazon, so they must be on to something.

Offer a class creating macrame plant hangers. Provide the plants and materials. Voila’! Call it Apartment Improvement night.

Add a little macrame to your model to impress the fun and funky crowd. Just remember, macrame doesn’t usually work next to a wing back chair, so if your model is anything but fun and funky, you might need to avoid.

Well, there you have it, your meat and potatoes for the quarter. Now for a little dessert.

It’s summer. It’s hot. You’re busy. If you’re in leasing, all the good festivals are on the weekend...when you’re at work. It’s easy to get a little cranky and let’s just say, less than enthusiastic about the day ahead. What’s a savvy apartment professional to do? It’s time to call on our Awesome.

There are so many things awesome happening all around us, if we just stop for a moment and think about it. That first sip of coffee in the morning? Awesome. Realizing most people’s offices don’t offer a pool view but yours does? Awesome. Playing your favorite tunes really loud while you get ready to open? Awesome. When the books balance perfectly? Awesome. That moment after the tour on a hot day when you open the door and air-conditioned goodness hits you? Awesome. See? It works.

We can create awesome for our residents by taking the mundane things they do every day and providing a twist. Think, for example, about the “getting mail” experience. Pretty mundane. How do we make it awesome? Maybe, next Tuesday, your residents come home at 5, stop at the mail kiosk and instead of the usual, find you there with a cooler full of Ice Cream bars just waiting for them. That’s awesome.

Notice the awesome, create some and make every day a parade. Life is to be celebrated.

OK, that’s about enough for now. Don’t want to get you all so worked up you can’t work. Now get back to it. If you feel inclined to share this edition, do not hesitate!

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