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Well, hello there! Grab some coffee and gather round – it’s MoJo time!

Stop Touching Base and Start Being Useful.

Salespeople - Never, ever use the following statement in your email, correspondence, phone calls or anywhere else…

”I’m just touching base to see if you have any questions…”

What kind of a statement is this?

First, it uses the word “just”, and “just” is a word that diminishes the importance of our position and our credibility, as in “I’m just a leasing professional,”- like being in sales makes you a second class citizen or something. See the next blurb on this page for more on that.

Second, “touching base?” what does that mean? How is your client supposed to answer to that? All you are doing by sending this kind of correspondence is adding noise to their inbox or voicemail. Where’s the urgency? Where’s the usefulness?

Here’s an exercise you can do in your office right now. I mean it. Get a sticky note. I’ll wait.
Place the following letters on the sticky note - FUSE.

FUSE is a Lori Snider acronym that stands for Friendly, Useful, Simplistic and Expressed clearly. Before you hit send on any follow through correspondence for the next 5 days, ask yourself if the content meets the FUSE criteria.

Does the content sound friendly?

Are you being useful, or just adding noise?

Is the content simplistic and not full of jargon or word vomit?

Is your intent expressed clearly, ie “I am a professional and am here to help you get what you want?”

If not, do not send until it does. Keep a tally of the times you need to change content and notice how mindfulness can change writing style.

“How can I further assist you as you consider different apartment options?” Sounds a whole lot better than, “Just touching base,” don’t you think?

The Power of JUST To Keep You Average...

The other day, I had the opportunity to witness an exchange between a resident and leasing professional. The resident made a request, and the leasing professional responded with, “I can’t answer that - I’m just a leasing professional. You’ll have to talk to the manager.”

“I’m just a leasing professional”? What do you mean, just a leasing professional? Don’t you count? Aren’t you important? What?

Leasing professionals, listen up. Your role is incredibly important to the success of your community and company. Don’t let anyone, including yourself, insinuate or tell you you’re “just” anything.

You are a subject matter expert, (but remember…if you say you are, then you really need to be…) who helps people get what they want.

The next time someone (or even yourself) indicates your role is less important than others, stand tall, look them in the eye, (or go to a mirror), and say,
“I am a subject matter expert and I drive income by helping people get what they want.” Then give them your very best, “I am sorry you are so uninformed” smile, turn and walk away.

Don’t let anyone diminish your role.

Love Is In The Air...

We all know what February is, but what we all don’t know is how to show the love to the people we work with. Time to say thank you. Read this HBR article now, (it got some great traction on my Lori Snider Company Facebook page, so it must be useful), and then take action. A little blurb...

Whether it’s your executive assistant, the workhorse on your team, or — they exist! — a boss who always goes the extra mile for you, the hardest working people in your life almost certainly don’t hear “thank you” enough. Or when they do, it’s a too-brief “Tks!” via email.

So take action now. Give that person what I call a Power Thank You. This has three parts:

How To Give a Meaningful "Thank You"

Seriously. Go do it.

Ok, so if you are just dying for more of this type of content, visit The Lori Snider Company (ah huh, that’s me) on Facebook, lorisniderco on Twitter, Lori Snider on Pinterest or just visit my website occasionally to find good stuff.

Better yet, talk to your boss. Bring me in and I will teach you what it takes to be a subject matter expert and take your sales game to the next level.

While we are on the subject of taking things to the next level, my good friend Heather Campbell at Double Dutch Creative turned me on to The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo. Seems millions of people are way more trendy than me and have already purchased it, and Heather is one of the trendiest people I know, so it must be worth the read. I found this excerpt quite interesting.

“One of my clients was a woman in her thirties who worked for an advertising company. The moment I entered her room, I felt like I was in an office. My eyes were assaulted by rows of files with carefully printed titles. “These are all materials from the seminars I took,” she told me. A self-confessed seminar fanatic, she had saved and filed the materials from every seminar she had ever attended.

People often insist, “I want to restudy these materials sometime,” but most never do so. Moreover, the majority of them usually have materials for multiple seminars on the same or similar subjects. Why? Because what they learned at the seminars did not stick. I am not saying this as a criticism, but merely to point out why it isn’t worth keeping materials from past seminars. If the content is not put into practice, such courses are meaningless. A seminar’s value begins the moment we start attending, and the key to extracting the full value is putting what we learn there into practice the moment the course ends. Why do people pay expensive fees for such courses when they can read the same content in a book or elsewhere? Because they want to feel the passion of the teacher and experience that learning environment. Thus the real material is the seminar itself, and it must be experienced live.

When you attend a seminar, do so with the resolve to part with every handout distributed. If you regret recycling it, take the same seminar again, and this time apply the learning. It’s paradoxical, but I believe that precisely because we hang on to such materials, we fail to put what we learn into practice.”

And that explains precisely why you can’t simply get the information from the handouts and skip the conference, keynote or program. The passion and the learning environment is the real material. If you like this newsletter, imagine how fabulous I am in person. Don’t be afraid to book me.

Ta Ta for now.

Call me at 303.517.2006 or email for more info. 

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