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Lots of fun and relevant exercises in my classes.  Here my Shea Apartments pals share their movie star names in my "Get the Phone" class. 

Speaking of, could your peeps use a little help with phone and online leasing techniques? Send up a smoke signal.   I will help you. 303.517.2006.


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Intrigued? Call me at. 303.517.2006, email, or send a smoke signal. I will help you, and would love to work with you to ensure your leasing team will blow the socks off your competitors.  See a glimpse, below.


"Lori always brings fresh ideas to the table. I love her Webinars."

                                                                                                                                                   -Webinar attendee

Get training fast.

The competition is getting fierce and your team needs tools and technique to compete. Rather than delivering mediocre, or worse, or no training at all, build your solution around a Lori Snider Webinar series.

Accessible from the convenience of your office, and conducted in an interactive radio show style format, Lori will help you achieve superior results in executing smart sales, marketing and service strategies. Not to mention, they’ll be delivered by the nation’s leading innovator in sales, marketing and service. Plus, they're fun. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

Topics include:
First Time Leasing - Just the basics, please (2 part series)

The Power of Preparation
Leasing Tune Up
12 Questions to Sales Success
Follow Up = Follow Through
Get the Phone!
Closing and Follow Through
7 Steps to a More Thoughtful You (Service)
Raising Rents without Raising Vacancy

Marketing on a Shoestring

Managing Your Online Rep

Trends and Their Impact
and many others...

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The Power of the Podcast

I have been playing around with podcasts of late - here's a link to Reputation Management - It all starts face to face.  Let me know if you would iike to see more...I always have more to say.